What if everyone on your executive team agreed on the company’s greatest competitive advantage and marketing message?

“The messaging that Michel worked on with us not only helped us establish our brand differentiation and leadership position with customers, strategic partners and analysts, it helped keep us focused internally on our core strategy. And it was absolutely a factor in our growth and success.”

~ Omer Schneider, Co-founder and CEO, CyberX (acquired by Microsoft)

What Drives Me?

What really drives me is helping companies and individuals to drill down to the core of their unique value and differentiation, and then craft their 'Essential Message'  that attracts and connects with audiences and stakeholders... including customers, investors, strategic partners, and top talent. 

It's an 'Inside-Out' approach  that digs deeper than most marketers dare to go -- and provides the rock solid platform for telling the brand story and designing a category that creates a new place in customers' minds; a place in their minds that screams, 'we need this.'

As a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant -- for over 30 years -- I've worked with leaders and sales teams in more than nine countries around the world, from Montreal to Moscow, and from Israel to Iran.

It’s all about difference. That’s why the Inside-Out approach is laser-focused on messaging, category design, and stories that differentiate, position, and brand organizations in the market.

I spend my days, (evenings, and weekends):

  • working with organizations to help them distill their communications to the most powerful and differentiating messages.
  • developing impactful, engaging and differentiating stories.
  • leading workshops and training on Inside-out messaging, categories, and stories.

I spend my weekends, evenings, (and days) with my two snowboards, two canoes, one motorcycle, five ukuleles and three guitars.

Specialties: Motivational speaker | Trainer/Workshop Leader | Core Messaging | Brand Differentiation | Category Design

Below you will find short, medium, and full versions of my biography, as well as a verbal introduction, press photos, and client list.

NOTE: I generally fly out of Boston, Buffalo or Toronto and offer flat rate travel within North America. With an E1 US visa and dual citizenships, I am fully eligible to work in the United States, European Union and many other countries around the world.

In addition to keynotes and workshops, I am also available to emcee as well as participate in panels and webinars.

Biography & Verbal Introduction

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  • Verbal Intro

Michel Neray is a professional speaker, consultant, creator of Inside-Out storytelling, and the founder of momondays -- a monthly storytelling event that pre-COVId was in 16 cities. Michel has helped thousands of individuals and organizations to drill down to their core message, become category kings through category design, and craft more impactful, ‘Inside-Out’ stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types. He also uses the Inside-Out approach to differentiate, position, and brand organizations in the market.


Press Photos

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