Verbal Introduction

Verbal Introduction

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  • PLEASE DO include personal experience with Michel IF appropriate.
  • PLEASE DO include what personally interests you about the presentation IF appropriate.
  • PLEASE DO write the proper title of the presentation in the space provide on this sheet.
  • PLEASE DO read this over a few times before the event, and speak to me if you have trouble or questions with any part of it.
  • PLEASE DO NOT try to memorize this introduction; it’s OK to read it
  • PLEASE DO NOT start off by saying ‘Michel asked me to read this’. (The introduction must give the impression it comes from you.)
  • PLEASE DO NOT share this verbal intro with anyone other than the person who will be introducing Michel.
  • PLEASE DO NOT edit this verbal intro unless you check with Michel first.

Verbal introduction

On Michel Neray’s email signature, I read, ‘I am really, really, really, really great at helping companies and individuals discover their greatest value. What are you really, really, really, really great at?’

And that’s the question Michel starts with: Do you know what truly sets you apart from everyone else? Do you know what makes you different, special and more valuable to the company you work for and the team you are a part of? This is the foundation of your personal brand and it touches the very core of who you are as a person. It’s what Michel calls, ‘your Essential Message’.

How would you feel about yourself if you knew your Essential Message?

Since 2003, Michel has helped thousands of growing corporations and their employees discover and communicate their greatest value and true differentiation. That’s how Michel has helped his clients double, triple and even quadruple results. That’s also how he helps his clients achieve greater employee motivation, engagement, teamwork and resilience — simply by recognizing and bringing out the best in people like you.

Michel has a science undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo, and an MBA from McGill University. He’s married with three children, two dogs, a sport motorcycle, a whitewater canoe and a third-degree black belt in Karate.

Michel also has over 25 years as an award-winning copywriter, an entrepreneur, and a senior sales and marketing executive.

He has spoken at conferences around the world including both Israel and Iran!

His talk today is __________________.

Here’s Michel…

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