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Everything Starts With A Conversation Chapter in ‘Sales Gurus Speak Out’ and ‘Awakening The Workplace Volume 3’.

Now published in three languages!!! This is a collaborative work of professional speakers, trainers and coaches who are also sales experts. It’s the sixth book in the ‘Experts Who Speak’ book series, founded by Kathy Glover Scott and Adele Alfano. Fittingly, Michel’s chapter is the lead chapter.

The Great Crossover, Personal Confidence In The Age Of The Microchip

by Dan Sullivan, Babs Smith and Michel Neray

First written for entrepreneurs in 1994, The Great Crossover has made it to Jack Canfield’s Achiever’s Recommended Reading List. The 20 strategies in The Great Crossover introduce a timely, proven set of entrepreneurial habits and attitudes that can help anyone — entrepreneur or not — to live creatively and with confidence in a world of continual technological change. Buy it here.

You Name It! You Name it!

This eBook is a practical guide to naming products, services, businesses, divisions, domain names, newsletters and just about anything else except babies. While most so-called naming experts seem to try to complicate the naming process, ‘You Name it!’ demystifies it and offers some very helpful tips and techniques to everyone who has ever been faced with the challenge of coming up with a name.

Foundational Success!

Whether you are planning on building a house, a successful career, or a profitable business, starting with a strong foundation ensures whatever you build is better equipped to stand the test of time and storms that might come your way. In this inspiring and helpful eBook, 30 top experts and authors share their proven guidance as building blocks for your personal and professional success. And yes, Michel Neray is one of those authors. Buy it here.

In the Company of Leaders

Professional speaker Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey rounded up 40 of his friends (some of them quite famous) and persuaded them to contribute the most valuable piece of advice for this book project. Michel Neray was one of those authors. The result is In the Company Of Leaders: Forty top leadership experts provide proven guidance for your leadership success journey. Buy it here.

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