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Essential content for your newsletter, ezine, blog or magazine.

If you are an editor, content manager or director of publications, or perhaps you simply publish a newsletter for your own network or community, the Essential Message articles, blog entries and newsletters are an excellent resource for you. They are all immediately available for reprint in any publication, offering you instant ‘copy-and-paste’ access to high quality content.

Legal Permission to Publish and Reprint Rights

Permission is expressly given by the author to reprint in all print, broadcast and electronic media provided that the contact information, link back to and author credits as written are included in your publication.

Please note the following conditions:

  1. There is no charge to reprint any of the articles provided that the contact information, link back to and author credits are reprinted along with the article.
  2. The fee for articles reprinted without the biography and/or contact information is $300USD.
  3. Permission is also granted for reasonable editing, including article title and industry-specific examples.
  4. Portions of any article may be used in boxes and sidebars of other articles or as a small newsletter item.
  5. Please mail one copy of your publication to the author of the article you use.


Q. If I want to reprint an Essential Message newsletter, blog entry or article, do I have to agree to the legal license?
A. Yes — it’s only fair that you do. The works found on this page are subject to the usual copyright laws. The articles, blog entries and newsletters may be freely reprinted provided you adhere to the agreement outlined at this top of this page. If you wish to use any of the materials in your training or other business activities, please contact us to obtain the necessary permissions.

Q. Can I re-sell the content or include it in our training materials?
A. Maybe. If you re-sell the content or include it in your training materials as handouts, you may require a different agreement. It’s best to check this out with us directly. We’d be happy to make sure you have the proper permission. Please contact us.

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