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About Cam Like A Pro

A simple guide to help you look, sound and act like you know what you’re doing...virtually!

Everybody does everything online these days. (Well, almost everything!)

Whether you speak and give presentations, facilitate workshops, have sales meetings, brainstorm ideas with your team, or reach out to a colleague for a virtual coffee, how you show up is a big part of how you come across.

In this virtual training, I am going to show you how easy it is to show up like a pro. Follow these tips and you'll be be taken more seriously as the professional you really are.
10 tips to help you look, sound, and act like you know what you’re doing... virtually!

We'll cover:

  • What's different in virtual world (beyond the obvious).
  • The right balance between personal and professional.
  • The best framing -- how big should your face be and where the camera should be pointed?
  • Body position - sit, stand, or something else?
  • The right lighting. (No fancy lights required.)
  • Audio quality - you need to hear this, seriously.
  • Gestures that fit the frame.
  • Maintaining engagement in a distracted world.
  • A few basic, simple tech tips that even some pros forget.

NOTE: Most of the content is geared to a basic set-up involving a laptop and a camera, either built-in or external. However, all of the tips and suggestions are just as adaptable to mobile and tablets if that's what you use for your video conferencing.

For the record, my gear list includes:

  • Apple Mac Laptop
  • Logitech Brio external webcam
  • Simple lighting
  • Green curtain when I use a green screen
  • Various microphones (I demo them all in the lesson #6 audio.)

How to get the most out of 'Cam Like A Pro'...

We’re here to help you get results and we know you are too. Here’s the best way for each of us to get there:

Contribute, contribute, contribute. Your stories and experiences may be exactly what another student needs to hear today to solve a problem or seize an opportunity.

Be supportive. We’re here to push each other forward and lift each other up. Find ways to help each other think bigger, reframe challenges, and stay curious.

Tell your friends and colleagues: Talk about this content with other people. It will help everyone get better!

Module Content

Video lesson

Subscribers only 1. What’s Different?

5m 2s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 2. Framing

4m 13s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 3. Background

5m 5s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 4. Lighting

3m 46s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 5. What To Wear?

2m 17s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 6. Audio

6m 1s

Video lesson

3m 45s

Video lesson

3m 37s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 9. Tech Happens

3m 28s

Video lesson

4m 9s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 11. Now Go Inside-Out

2m 17s

Text lesson

Subscribers only Debrief and Feedback

About the Mentor

Michel Neray

What really drives me is helping companies and individuals to drill down to the core of their unique value and differentiation, and then craft their Essential Message' that attracts and connects with audiences and stakeholders... including customers, investors, strategic partners, and top talent. As a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant for over 30 years, I've worked with leaders and sales teams in more than nine countries around the world, from Montreal to Moscow, and from Israel to Iran.

I love to lead workshops, speak at conferences, and work with clients one on one.... as much as I love to spend time with family, paddle whitewater, ride my motorcycle (hard), and write and perform my songs...

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