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The 5 Neural Hooks in Storytelling




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About The 5 Neural Hooks in Storytelling

Hack into your Listener's Brains with These 5 Neural Hooks

If you've ever gone to speaking event and witnessed hundreds of people jumping out of their seats to run to the back of the room with credit card in hand... or maybe found yourself running to the back of the room.... you might be wondering, 'how did they do that?'

Well, one way is by cleverly and strategically hitting all their hot buttons and triggers in a simple, little seemingly innocuous story...

And you can learn exactly how to do it In this virtual workshop. I've taken my complete live workshop on the The 5 Neural Hooks, and packaged it into an eBook, a workbook, and 7 instructional videos.

You'll learn how professional speakers embed the most compelling call-to-action into their stories to motivate their audiences to buy, change behavior, think differently, or, well, do pretty much whatever they want!

And you'll learn how to do it in your stories... but you have to promise to use this knowledge wisely and ethically... plus have fun with it!!

As an added bonus, you'll know exactly what those highly successful speak-to-sell speakers are doing when you're in the audience, and you'll be able to resist the temptation to run to the back of the room with your credit card in hand!

Here's what you'll get from this course

  • The physiological and psychological effects of storytelling
  • The 5 neural hooks that help your listeners identify themselves in the story.
  • Why traditional case studies don't cut it anymore
  • How to tap into the listener's own subconscious desire
  • How to use this powerful technique ethically, and protect yourself in situations when someone is trying to use it on you!

Module Content

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Subscribers only 01 The Story

6m 41s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 02 Parallel Construction

6m 4s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 03 The Five

2m 33s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 04 The Deconstruction

6m 2s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 05 Johnny Tunerhead

7m 54s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 06 Your Turn

2m 15s

Video lesson

Subscribers only 07 Use it Wisely

0m 34s

Text lesson

Subscribers only Debrief and Feedback

About the Mentor

Michel Neray

What really drives me is helping companies and individuals to drill down to the core of their unique value and differentiation, and then craft their Essential Message' that attracts and connects with audiences and stakeholders... including customers, investors, strategic partners, and top talent. As a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant for over 30 years, I've worked with leaders and sales teams in more than nine countries around the world, from Montreal to Moscow, and from Israel to Iran.

I love to lead workshops, speak at conferences, and work with clients one on one.... as much as I love to spend time with family, paddle whitewater, ride my motorcycle (hard), and write and perform my songs...

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