10 Opportunities

Here are 10 opportunities to leverage the Essential Message approach to differentiate yourself and your business in a competitive marketplace. What would help you the most right now? Contact us and let us know.
  1. Deliver a powerful, entertaining and motivational ‘Essential Message’ keynote speech at your sales, networking or customer appreciation event.
  2. Train your sales team to develop customer-centric listening skills and to ask more targeted and relevant questions for more effective sales and networking conversations.
  3. Teach your sales and marketing teams an extremely simple and remarkably effective communications template for sales letters, proposals and presentations.
  4. Train your salespeople, marketing teams and front-line staff on how to solicit, craft and leverage customer testimonials that not only communicate competitive advantage more powerfully and precisely, they also help improve customer loyalty and referrals.
  5. Lead your employees through a team-building exercise that helps them identify and align their individual strengths and skills with the objectives of their job or role in the company.
  6. Coach individuals at all levels using the Essential Message approach to identify and leverage their unique strengths and personal motivations for greater employee engagement, job satisfaction, higher productivity and increased value to the company.
  7. Design, develop and deliver customized sales, marketing and communications workshops and seminars that speak directly to the challenges you want to tackle right now.
  8. Develop content for your website that highlights your company, product or service differentiation and greatest value.
  9. Write sales and marketing materials that clearly position the competitive advantage, differentiators and ‘reason to buy’ for your product or service, and move your prospect to the next stage in the buying process.
  10. Facilitate an executive or product management team meeting using the Essential Message D.I.G. methodology.

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