What makes you different as a person is what makes you better… in your business, your career, your life.

“Your speech on the virtual stage was spellbinding as we received plenty of positive reviews from our advisors afterward. The musical performance at the end was a nice way to cap off the roadshow.”

~ Matthew To, "Director, Business Development - Investments
Beneva Insurance"

What makes you different as a person is what makes you better… in your business, your career, your life.

“Members indicated that you transformed their thinking for better problem solving, relationship building, and ultimately satisfied customer sales… a great program!”

~ Joan Tezak, Exec. Director, Colorado Society Association Executives (CSAE)

Speaking: Keynotes & Workshops

The greatest motivational speakers do more than just offer deep subject matter expertise — they also use their energy and passion to touch the audience’s heart, mind, and funny bone. That’s how we create a truly profound experience that moves people to take on new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

More than just higher sales or increased productivity, (as if that weren’t enough), people say my presentations give them the confidence, resilience and motivation that can only come from knowing their greatest strengths and unique value.

That’s why I not only present at sales, marketing and branding events, I also work with clients looking for greater employee motivation, engagement, teamwork and resilience.

Virtual Capabilities

a snapshop of my actual set-up!In addition to being a professional speaker, I am a musician. My studio is already equipped with some of the latest audio and video gear, green screen and lighting. All this helps me create professional presentations for a variety of online and virtual events. Plus, a wired, high bandwidth, ethernet connection ensures the smoothest possible experience for attendees.

Beyond the technology, I am also happy to facilitate online events and coach people in your organization to become better online presenters themselves, with a curriculum that covers lighting, framing, backgrounds, made-for-camera gestures, and more.

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