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Unique Approach from the Inside-Out

If you ask the same, old marketing questions, you'll get the same, old marketing responses -- and no closer to the  differentiating and compelling messaging that you really need.

That's why we use a proprietary  'Inside-Out' approach in all our consulting, coaching, and training. It's the only way to dig down to the true essence of your message and differentiated market position. It aligns the core competencies of the organization or the individual with the unique problem you solve in the market.

And, it's how we help you encapsulate who you are, what you do, and why it matters, in a way that's clear and compelling.

Only then do we layer a diverse blend of techniques that include classic story structure, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), scriptwriting, intelligent ad copy 'tricks', stand-up comedy, improv, and acting.

No other communications approach brings so many diverse disciplines to bear on your message to help you be as impactful as you can be.

This is how we have helped start-ups get funded and acquired;  company presidents and executive directors lead their organizations more powerfully, established brands re-focus and become category kings, sales professionals sell more, coaches and consultants attract clients; trainers and speakers get booked and engage audiences; and, financial advisors build their client list. 

Unique Approach

If you are a...


Develop messaging that wakes 'customers, investors, analysts, and top talent' up to the problem you solve and why it matters. Become the leader in the category that YOU define and lead... establishing your position as the 'Category King'.

Established Brand

As companies and organizations grow, it's common to drift away or broaden the messaging such that you weaken the laser-focus positioning that helped you succeed in the first place. We help you get back, stronger than ever.

Business Leader and Manager

Paint a compelling vision that everyone wants to support and achieve. Gain the trust, respect and credibility of a true leader.

Speaker, Visionary and/or Change Agent

Develop the strongest possible story to engage both head and heart -- maximize audience engagement and drive change.

Sales Professional

Create a story with a powerful call to action. Your listeners will have their credit cards out before they even know it.

Trainer, Facilitator or Coach

Whether you train hard skills or soft skills, develop stories that embed the learning points in a way that makes your content stick long after the training ends.

Use storytelling to bridge different points of view and blow past impasses.


As a professional speaker and singer-songwriter already successful at making a living through storytelling, I was hoping to deepen my knowledge of the craft. I was, however, a bit skeptical that I’d learn anything new. That skepticism quickly evaporated… I loved all the different methodologies and approaches to distilling the essence of your story. And the whole design of the workshop was aligned with the creative process, in that it was designed to turn off your brain, get yourself out of your own way, and put you into flow through the great prompts and the pace of it all. The time absolutely flew by and I felt like I had learned so much when I emerged on the other side. I will be back for more!

PETER KATZ - Juno Award and Canadian Screen Award nominated Singer-Songwriter and Speaker

Very inspiring! Loved hearing true personal stories!

SHERRY PANOV - Self-Employed

I've attended a few momonday events in Ottawa and they have ALL been EXCELLENT and extremely inspiring! Can't wait for the next one!

FREDERIC VOYER - Senior Product Innovation Lead at Export Development Canada | Exportation et Développement Canada

momondays is the only place where you get to connect to other humans through the power of the story. Learn what your story is and how to tell it. It's the only way we truly connect.

LOUISE NEIL - Founder and Lead Coach at Pivoting Point Career Solutions

Such a warm, welcoming platform that allowed me to share my story for the first time. It was a wonderful experience and I'm grateful to be part of the momondays community!

BROOKLYN VIENNEAU HOVORKA - Owner-operator at Vienneau Fitness and Coach & Speaker at Brooklyn Vienneau

Always a wonderful, fun, and full of story evening!! Highly recommend you attend if you haven't been. Hats off to all the speakers who share things that they have never shared before on stage. See you again this month.

CHERYL MILLETT - Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Toronto & Auum Wellness Practitioner

So months after applying for jobs, I finally landed a job doing what I love with a cool team. Part of how I sold myself as the person for the job was by telling them my story (thank you, Michel!)

HESSAH ALJIRAN - Product Designer

I was so impressed with the Virtual Workshop. What impacted me most was incorporating your teaching about where and how I might insert a pause... very useful and fun exercise!

CATHERINE STERNBERG - Assertiveness Coach

Your story coaching helped me create a story that got people to listen. Really listen.

JANICE FRANCISCO - MSc Creativity & Change Leadership

Finally, I get to experience the fun and adventures to be had a momondays and share with the audience my story. Wasn't expecting the standing ovation but was certainly very grateful to all.

ANNE DEBUTTE - Owner and Founder at Reconnect from Grief

I love getting to know my fellow members and their stories. The learning is fantastic … I love expanding my learning, my growth, and my comfort zone...

DEBBIE CLARK - Founder of Complex Parenting Resolve Speaker, Coach, Author


GORDON D MELVILLE - Founder, CEO & Sr Catalyst Strategist Guide at JEWIL International

It's Always fun at Momondays. I just did my 6th one at Momondays. Can't get enough of them.

CHRIS BIRKETT - Co-Creator/Artist at Age Of Awakening, Singer-songwriter at 2 Mounties Media

The coaching session was fantastic!

DEBBIE CLARK - Adoptive Parents of Children with Mental Illness Community & Podcast

Michel, your Storytelling coaching helped me land a great client, which gave me a 30x, or 3,000% return on my investment!! Now I am conscious of storytelling as I never was before. Thank you!

ALICE WHEATON - Extreme Sales Results

The community multiplies the value of the workshops. Inside the community, we post follow-ups and help each other strengthen our stories, our delivery, and our impact. That also keeps us connected between workshops, which feels great.

EMILY NICHOLS - Keynote Speaker

Michel’s coaching helped me clarify my key insights, balance the story with just the right amount of detail, and elevate it from a basic 'talk' to a powerful performance.

SOPHIE DESLAURIERS - Sales Leader / Management, Sales Team Training, Facilitation & Coaching

Talented, diverse, fast-paced, super entertaining evening in which the time flew by!

TRACY SCHMITT - #1 International Mega Success Keynote at Unstoppable TRACY Unstoppable You

I was immediately impressed by Michel's quick grasp of the potential impact of my message and his keen insight into how I could have my message resonate more deeply with my audience.

ADRIAN DAVIS - Value Selling Expert, Professional Speaker, Author, and Strategic Consultant

One of the best storytelling programs, if not the best, I have ever seen. Remarkable in its clarity.

DAVE LIEBER - Keynote speaker; Humorist; Columnist for Dallas Morning News

I went to my first momondays with a friend last night and I was inspired to look at life in new ways. The speakers were phenomenal and from all walks of life. I look forward to going back in the future!

ANGELA PICKERING - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Canadian Surrogacy Community & Evolution Eggs

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